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The Path Less Traveled Keeps Calling Me Home

When I left Cisco and my corporate career via an 'early retirement' package in October 2020, I had a vision. It's March 2023 and that vision hasn't changed yet it is stronger than ever; to create a ripple effect of sustainable conscious thought through mindful action in each present moment that will lead this world to a more enlightened and joyful state of awareness for generations to come.

I THOUGHT I was going to jump right into something heart centered and in alignment with my journey and my vision, as it was unfolding then.

Silly me.

Why do I say that?

Because I #now know that I was relying too much on my THINKING (this is our divine masculine and extremely important in our lives but I was WAY out of balance) - I got lost in my thought, trusted others instead of mySelf and was left wondering 'wth just happened' again and again...

TO THINK is TO BELIEVE. And we must believe in ourSelves in order to move forward! It is AS important as being willing and knowing your why!! And I believed in what I wanted to do. I believed that other people wanted to help me along the way. I believed in mySelf. I believed in God and the Universe having my back.

So although what I thought I was going to do didn't work out, I kept going. I kept going deeper in healing my disease to please, aka the FAWN stress response - triggers happen in sneaky ways and when you keep going it's possible to catch them faster and faster; in doing so, I have continued to unravel my own and ancestral trauma - I'm here to tell you, it is REAL sweet souls. I followed bread crumbs, EACH ONE an imperative on my own path to inner peace & personal freedom - where I can trust my intuition, listen closely and guide my next inspired action accordingly. And I found my divine feminine. Hiding in the corner of my being just waiting for me to see her, hear her and love her. There is NO perfect way to doing this work...EVER. It's messy. It's scary. It's all things unfamiliar. It's confusing and liberating at the same time. Why is that? Because we're living in a world that's been conditioned generation after generation through each other's experiences handed down through our DNA so that limiting beliefs, old standards, unattended emotions, imprinted trauma, any discrimination, societal pressure, the impact of rapid growth, instant gratification, pandemics, etc etc compounds with our own experiences and gets STUCK in our cellular memory. Stuck does NOT have to mean 'stuck forever' and stuck does NOT mean we are broken! Stuck is simply stuck energy.

After all, we are ALL all ENERGY - SPIRITUAL beings having a HUMAN experience - day after week after month after year. And this fact, this indisputable fact, is THE reason we're wounded. And THE reason we can heal we ourSelves - from the inside out. AND the reason we keep going. When we keep going we are able to access areas of our life that, until then, may have felt abandoned, empty, too heavy, or off limits. Many of my clients ask me 'how will I know when I'm finally healing xxx?'. It's a FEELING. You will feel differently.


Alignment to YOUR truth happens with every step. EVERY STEP. And with that comes your healing. And your ancestors healing is along for the ride. As is the healing of the next seven generations (maybe even more!). With every step we shift our energy and when we shift our energy we rise through the ashes to face the present moment with a different vibration and when we do that the world will rise to meet us. We must think to believe and we must feel to know. Our divine masculine and our divine feminine dancing in harmony. Our world dancing in harmony.

Evolving with full-on gratitude, moving through fear and letting love lead the way through transcendental Firewalking and Breathwork experiences has brought me to this moment, right here, right now.

Home. I am home when I experience these moments for mySelf and I am home when I create them for others.

If you're ready to take the path less traveled, it's my humble honor to be a conduit to bring you home to your higher Self.

As a Sundoor Certified Firewalk Instructor and a Breath Masters Certified Breath Coach, I'm able to create experiences that help people uncover, access and heal parts of themSelves that are ready and waiting to be seen, heard and loved on. To learn more visit my website at


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