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Sacred Circle

If you've read The Four Agreements then you know the power that lies within the seemingly 'obvious concepts'. You also know, then, that to create a lifestyle grounded in these concepts takes practice; daily, weekly, monthly practice.


And then life happens. And it's easy to lose sight of the power within the practice. That's why I've created this monthly sacred circle. To give you a safe place to walk through what's happening in your life, right now, and be reminded of how The Four Agreements (& The 5th Agreement) can be your guide in creating the life you've always wanted! As you work to embody a new way of being, your whole world will shift to meet you in this new frequency. You will continue to awaken your own truth & reclaim your authentic self by stepping into this sacred circle again & again.


You are that powerful!!


Join us and not only will you walk the pathway to your personal freedom in community and surrounded by like-minded people, but we will celebrate you along the way!

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