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Why 'conscious living' coaching?

Repetition is the mother of all learning and

practice makes the master

Most coaching is about changing behaviors.

Almost always it involves changing how people think as well as how they act.

In fact, thinking alone rarely causes real change. While it’s a great start, because it can create awareness, only when an idea moves from concept to action to experience does lasting change occur. As long as it’s just a good idea, one that allows us to simply nod in approval, the likelihood of behavioral change is small. The nuances of subconscious habit are deeply seated.

Handed down through our DNA while in the womb and

compounded throughout our lifetime.

The way the mind (thinks) & the body (acts) -

they start to separate at an early age.

How do I know?

Because I've witnessed this in mySelf and many others around me.

We want something to be different, so we seek out the book - we read the book and take the information in - but then what?

Then life happens and we put the book and it's ideas on a shelf

only to move on to the next 'thing' - the next book, idea, methodology or latest concept that shows up the next time we want something to be different. It can be a viscous cycle.

And it is not your fault. It's our conditioning.

And not until I started to consciously choose something

new and different, to feel the shift in my energy

by experiencing life differently, did it hit me...


to create and experience life differently.

To create an experience that anchors in the learning, the ahha moment,

that is when the body and mind find coherence.

The wisdom is there, inside of you.
Your own experiences have been brought to you,

for you, to unlock YOUR genius.

In order to Do something different, you need to Be something different.

And THIS is the WHY for Conscious Living Coaching...

It's a beautiful dance between BEING and DOING to

create the life you have always wanted.


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