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Do you crave a deeper connection with yourself and your people?

Do you want to listen and honor the little voice inside your head?

Do you want to rekindle passion, joy & intimacy in your life and relationships?

Do you want to communicate your needs and wants confidently?

Do you want to feel and experience unconditional love for yourself?

Do you want to create space so you can come first every day?

Do you want to move through fear and let love lead the way?

Studying at Home


  • Free 30 Minute Discovery Call

  • 1:1 Mentoring/Coaching

  • The Four Agreements Sacred Circle

  • Firewalk Workshops

Launching in early


  • Let Love Lead the Way Group Coaching Program

  • 21 Day email challenge to Create More Inherent Joy

  • Teen & Young Adult Empowerment Coaching

  • Corporate Well-Being programs


Retreat 2023

Balance Your Energy, Balance Your Life

Mastering the elements allows us the attainment of greater health, wisdom, connection & happiness.


This retreat will provide you with ancient indigenous wisdom while working with the 5 Elements (Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Ether). We will explore each one of the five elements during our week together.


Starting with the element of earth, connecting to our physicality and a sense of grounding; flowing through water to connect to emotions and stillness; embracing air that connects us to our mentality and letting go of what no longer serves; fire, connecting to our spirituality, listening, trusting and standing in our power; and finally ether as we connect to the infinite space within which we create from.


Elemental practices center on feeling your own energy, listening to your body, knowing your limits and practicing Self-compassion. Embracing an elemental approach empowers us to explore the wisdom of Nature while exploring our inner climate and restoring ourselves to a natural balance.

Retreat Details Coming Soon
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