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Letting Love Lead The Way

About Me

My name is Joanne Adducci and I have a story. Just like you do. My story has many facets of love & loss, trauma & unattended emotions, order & chaos, subconscious habits & limiting beliefs which have controlled my days; guiding me to live by every role and title I have ever identified with.


Ever since I can remember, I have been searching for my place in this world; always coming back to wanting a deeper connection to my own spirituality...a complete mind, body & soul connection to mySelf, my people & this universe. I have made many MANY attempts at taking ‘it’ all back…year after year.


I get up every morning with the intention to be in a space, where I have enough space, to be all things that day


Where I live from MY own truth…

It’s come to me along the path of my own own return to wholeness, that when combining science and spirituality, we open the doors to a wisdom buried deep inside of us.

And that wisdom has brought me here.

To the deep knowing that, NOW, more than ever, we need more love leading the way in our world today…


How do we get there??

By slowing down enough to recognize

how we exist in our day to day…

Are we living from fear or from love?

Are we living from old conditioning or our own truth?


We all have a part in this!!

We all have a choice!!

And I’m on a mission to create a movement towards conscious living so that we can

all ripple more love into the world…

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