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Work is going well. You love what you do and the people you work with. And day you get the tug that maybe something is missing. It's ok, we all get it. Some listen, some don't. I'm curious, what side of the fence are you on?

That's me...above!

25 years in corporate America. And just like that, multiple major life events interrupted my flow and I 'got the tug'. I felt disconnected from mySelf. Grateful to be surrounded by heart-centered people that embraced my need to explore, I discovered that I was actually living on auto-pilot; lather, rinse, repeat. Without their support, I could have easily ignored the tug and stayed in that state of busyness that allowed me to ignore what was coming up. I quickly learned and I would have stayed stuck in the DOING, fueled by a deep fear of rejection that is so often experienced in the workplace, in life.


But this was at a time when corporate well Being programs were in their infancy. And my resources were hard to access, confusing and time consuming to navigate. Tenacious and determined, I needed to listen and keep going. I started to recognize the various 'masks' I was wearing that were causing this disconnect, the drain on my energy. Harnessing my keen sense for connecting dots, I started to realize how my present action was fueled by past experience. This awareness led me down a new more conscious path; one that took years of exploration and created a mindful shift into a new state of BEING, into conscious living. Do you love what you do yet feel like you are stuck on the proverbial hamster wheel, disconnected from your truest Self? I get it. And now I find mySelf on a mission to help you quickly connect the dots of your present action with past experience so you can find a new path forward. One that allows you to live consciously and work consciously, leading with love, not fear.

Me in Business
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