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Photo by @BrookeGenn

My name is Joanne Adducci and I have a story. Just like you do. My story has many facets of love & loss, trauma & unattended grief, order & chaos, subconscious habits & limiting beliefs that have all controlled my days; guiding me to live by every role & title I have ever had.


Ever since I can remember, I have been searching for my place in this world; always coming back to wanting a deeper connection to my own spirituality...a complete mind, body & soul connection to myself, my people & this universe. I have made many MANY attempts at taking ‘it’ all back…year after year.


And #now I have found myself on a mission to create a movement towards conscious living. By building a collaborative socially & generationally impactful business, I believe we can create a ripple effect of sustainable conscious thought through mindful action in each present moment; leaving this world in a more enlightened and joyful state of awareness for generations to come.

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