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Release Trapped Emotions and Rewire your Brain

a.k.a Transformational Breathwork

  • Personal & spiritual transformation

  • A feeling of connection to something larger than oneself

  • A sense of newfound purpose or meaning in life

  • A desire to learn and grow spiritually

  • A feeling of being guided by a higher power or presence

  • A sense of being more present in the moment and less reactive to stress

  • A sense of inner peace and contentment

  • A desire to live a more authentic, values-driven life

  • A feeling of being more connected to others and to the world around you

  • A sense of liberation or release from traumas, complexes, negative patterns or behaviors

  • A feeling of increased clarity and insight into one's own life and the world

"When you have the mind, the body & the heart working together you have the power of the universe behind you. If you become aware of your autonomic habits and you are conscious of your unconscious behaviors, so you cannot go unconscious again, then you are changing." - Dr. Joe Dispenza


Bring the Heart, Mind & Body Back Into Balance

a.k.a Regenerative Breathwork

  • Safe for everyone

  • A great starting point

  • Rewires brain for LSD breathing (low, slow & deep)

  • Accesses the parasympathetic nervous system (where we rest and digest)

  • Good emotional processing

  • Deeply relaxing

  • Balances nervous system

  • Activates homeostasis

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